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"They were raised in the bellies of Mexican girls; girls no one can find anymore. Their fathers are semillas genéticas; special seeds in bottles. They thought we were too poor and stupid to understand. We’re poor, yes, but we're not stupid. This is business. They're making soldiers–killers. These are babies of mutantes muertos."
Gabriela Lopez[src]

Project X-23 was a project from Alkali-Transigen to breed mutant children and use them as future soldiers.


"They told us we were part of a 'pharmaceutical study', but of course that was a lie. These children were born in Transigen. They were born here and have never left. They have never seen the sun, or the ocean, rain or snow, or any of God's creatures. They have no birth certificates, no names besides the ones we have given them."
Gabriela Lopez[src]

In the early 2000s Transigen began to implement chemicals in mass produced food products such as corn syrup. These chemicals suppressed the X-Gene from being produced, effectively suppressing the births of future mutant children, ultimately leading to the near extinction of mutants over the next couple decades. However, Zander Rice the head of Transigen, did not want mutants fully extinct, he wanted their population under control. Zander began the production of his own mutants to use as soldiers, similar to the Mutant Weapon Programs.

In a secret facility in Mexico, young women were taken and impregnated with the DNA of mutants, and once the women gave birth, they were immediately eliminated. These children were put through rigorous experimentation and training in order to become soldiers, while at the same time, never being allowed outside of the facility. Some of the mutant children however, committed suicide to escape their intended fate of becoming soldiers. While Zander wanted the children to be treated only as products, many of the nurses grew to care for them.

Soon, Zander began to realize that the children wouldn’t be reliable as soldiers due to their free will, and not being born with the desire to hurt and kill. As a result, Zander declared Project X-23 a failure and Transigen began working on a new project: X-24, and the Reavers, led by Donald Pierce, were ordered to terminate the children. The nurses could not let the children be killed and started to help them escape and arranging for a safe place for them in Canada, called Eden.

The Experiments


  • In the comics, Laura was the only member of Project X-23, there were no other children involved that survived.