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"You talk pretty tough for a guy in a cape!"

Quill (born Maxwell Jordan) was a mutant who had porcupine-like spikes that came out of his skin.


Joining the Brotherhood of Mutants

When the mutant "cure" was created, Quill and the other Omegas protested against it and later joined the Brotherhood of Mutants in an attempt to destroy it.

Battle of Alcatraz and Death

"Do we look like we need your help?"

The Omegas later participated in the battle of Alcatraz Island. During the fight, Quill kills Kavita Rao, capture Warren Worthington II and attempted to kill him by throwing him off of a balcony. However, his son saved him before he could hit the ground. 

Quill's death.

During Phoenix's destruction, Quill was among the humans and mutants killed. He was disintegrated while attempting to flee alongside Psylocke and Arclight.



  • Quill Generation: Quill was able to sprout porcupine-like quills from his body, most notably his entire face and head.




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