Accidentally injured by Wolverine after his mind briefly became lost in time, Shadowcat is bleeding and becoming unable to maintain her power to keep Logan's mind in the past. Knowing she needs to rest, Iceman suggests that they find someone who can take her place, someone who can take other mutants powers, Rogue. Professor X says that Rogue has been dead for years, but Iceman informs him that shes being kept in the former X-Mansion heavily guarded by Trask as they are trying to take her power for use in their Sentinels. Iceman, Professor X and Magneto head off in the X-Jet to save her. Magneto and Iceman break into the former school using a secret tunnel and find Rogue strapped to a table for experimentation. They are soon discovered by the Sentinels, Iceman tries to hold them off but gives his life so that Magneto and Rogue can escape. The sentinels cause an explosion resulting in the the school getting destroyed. Boarding the X-Jet with Professor X. they are about to get away but a sentinel attacks the jet, however Charles is able to shake the robot off and the trio head back to their base. Rogue takes Kitty's powers and takes control of holding Logan in the past. Logan in the 70's realizes that Rogue is now in control.


Unknown to the X-Men, but a piece of the sentinel that attacked them was locked in the X-Jet's outer hull and begins transmitting a beacon allowing other sentinels to track the X-Men's location. This ultimately leads to the final stand of the X-Men


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