Robert Francis Kennedy was the 64th Attorney-General of the United States of America. He held office from January 20, 1961 to September 3, 1964. His brother was John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States.



In 1961, Robert Kennedy is built an extensive underground bunker beneath the White House's living quarters by his brother John, in order to hone and refine his latent mutant abilities. This bunker is given the code name "Cocoon", and its funding was approved under the guise of constructing "private living quarters" for the Attorney-General.

In 1963, Kennedy commissioned an order for a prototype of two specialised psychic earplugs to better isolate and control the extent of his psionic mutation. The design for these earplugs was derived from the properties of the material that was used to make Erik Lehnsherr's helmet, known to possess the capability to inhibit Charles Xavier's psychic obtrusions into his mind. Robert would frequently wear these earplugs during his numerous speeches delivered to the public, so he would not be distracted by the constant swarm of voices he would hear from the minds of those in the crowds listening to him.

During his campaign for President in 1968, Robert was interviewed by his biographer who inquired about the possibility of him possessing mutant abilities.


  • Telepathy - Like his brother, Robert Kennedy also possessed the ability of mental telepathy, and thus was able to read people's minds. [2]
    • Memory Absorption - Kennedy also possessed the ability to feel the emotions of other people and absorb their memories. This power was wide-spread and enabled him to understand and empathize with the struggles of every citizen in America. His biographer stated that this quality of Kennedy's mutation would have made his potential as a President unparalleled. [3]





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