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"Oh I knew better than to trust you."
―Colonel Hendry to Sebastian Shaw[src]

Robert "Bob" Hendry was a US Army colonel coerced by the Hellfire Club.


X-Men: First Class

Colonel Hendry was threatened with his life in order to spark World War III. He wanted to send the missiles in Cuba and Colonel Hendry was sent to debate about it. Azazel teleported him over 2,400 miles away back to the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. Moira MacTaggert was watching and went to call them. They never believed her because he was already there.

Colonel Hendry came to collect his pay but knew he wouldn't be back alive. So he had a grenade threatening to blow up the Hellfire Club and himself for him to be free but Sebastian Shaw saw through his bluff and absorbed the grenade's explosion when he pulled the pin himself. Shaw then touched Hendry with one finger, and the latter was killed with the power that hit him.



  • According to the insignia on his shoulder, Hendry is a member of the U.S. 6th Army.
  • From his military ribbons, Hendry is a veteran of both WWII (Pacific Theater) and the Korean War.
  • Hendry had won the following military decorations (according to those apparent on his uniform):
    • Bronze Star (Ribbon) with "V" Valor Device
    • Purple Heart (Ribbon)
    • Army Good Conduct (Ribbon)
    • American Defense Service (Ribbon)
    • American Campaign (Ribbon)
    • Asiatic Pacific Campaign (Ribbon) with 2 Bronze Oak Leaf Clusters, indicating won three times.
    • Reserve Components Achievement (Ribbon)
    • Army of Occupation (Ribbon)
    • National Defense Service (Ribbon)
    • Korean Service (Ribbon) with a Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster, indicating won twice.
    • United Nations Service (Ribbon)
    • Combat Infantry Badge