Selene Gallio was a mutant with telepathic abilities and a resident of Genosha. She fought the D'Bari forces alongside Magneto, Ariki, and the X-Men before her untimely demise.


Revised Timeline

At some point following the conflict with Apocalypse, Selene became a resident of Magneto's sanctuary land Genosha. During the 1980s, she became one of Magneto's confidants. 

Selene was present at Genosha when Jean Grey came looking for Magneto's "help". Later, as Magneto comforted Beast over the loss of Mystique, Selene informed her leader that they had located Jean Grey. 

Selene joined Magneto, Beast and Ariki as they set off to confront and kill Jean, but were held up by Professor X, Cyclops, Storm and Nightcrawler. In the ensuing conflict, Selene fought against Nightcrawler before all the mutants were captured by the U.S. government. 

Selene and the mutants are imprisoned in a train heading for a mutant containment facility. During the trip, the D'Bari attack the train and overwhelm the soldiers inside. To face the threat, Selene and the mutants are freed from their restraints and fight the D'Bari. In the ensuing battle, Selene was thrown off the train by one of the D'Bari, dying in the process. 


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Powers and abilities


  • Telepathy: Like Professor X and Jean Grey, Selene has the ability to read minds and communicate telepathically.


  • Expert Swordsman: Selene is quite skilled with using a knife.



  • In the comics, Selene was a member of the Hellfire Club, who were antagonists in "The Dark Phoenix Saga". While Selene herself was not present in the story, her presence in X-Men: Dark Phoenix is meant to be a homage to the Hellfire Club's role in "The Dark Phoenix Saga".[1]
  • Since Selene didn't have much screen time in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, director Simon Kinberg wanted someone "striking" to portray the character. After seeing Kota Eberhardt's audition tape, Kinberg found her to be really interesting and decided to cast her as Selene, despite Eberhardt being a brand-new actress.[1]
  • In the comics, Selene had a much broader skillset than just telepathy - including life-force absorption, pyrokinesis and sorcery.


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