The Caspartina was Sebastian Shaw's private yacht, which doubled as his living quarters and base of operations for the Hellfire Club, before its destruction at the hands of Magneto.


X-Men: First Class

Off the coast of Miami, Sebastian Shaw arranges a meeting with Colonel Hendry on the Caspartina, wherein he attempts to kill Hendry, who had completed Shaw's request to place Jupiter Missiles near Turkey.  Hendry attempts to escape through the use of a grenade, but Shaw absorbs the force of the blast and redirects it into Hendry's body, killing him.

Later in the night, Magneto sneaks on board the Caspartina in an attempt to assassinate Shaw. Emma Frost uses her powers to incapacitate Magneto, eventually knocking him off the yacht. Whilst in the water, Magneto harnesses his powers to grab the anchor of the Caspartina, using it to demolish the yacht entirely, but the Hellfire Club escape in Shaw's submarine.


  • Both the Tailor and the Pig Farmer had, through their affiliation with Shaw, been present on the Caspartina at some point, and a photo of the pair with Sebastian Shaw on the deck of the yacht was hung up in the bar at Villa Gesell.
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