The Caspartina was a submarine owned by Sebastian Shaw, who used it as a mobile base of operations for the Hellfire Club.


X-Men: First Class

After Erik Lehnsherr intercepted Sebastian Shaw and the Hellfire Club on board his boat in Miami, he proceeded to destroy the boat with his powers, but by that time Shaw and his associates had already retreated to the submarine located underneath the boat itself. Magneto tried to pull the submarine out of the water with his abilities, but Charles Xavier intervened, saving him from drowning.

During the Cuban Missile Crisis, Shaw and the Hellfire Club observed the battle off Cuba within the submarine, but their location was discovered through Banshee's sonar abilities and Xavier's telepathy. Once the submarine was located, Magneto exited the X-Jet, and used his powers to lift the sub out of the water, much to the surprise of both the Russian and American forces. Riptide exited the now airborne submarine and used his powers to attack the defenseless Magneto,  which forced him to let go of the submarine, sending both the X-Men's Blackbird and the submarine hurtling towards the nearby Cuban beach.


  • Living Room
  • Engine Room
  • Operations Room
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