The Smiley Men are eyeless demonic creatures that tormented Illyana Rasputin as a child.


Tormented Young Illyana

When Illyana was just a child, the Smiley Men came into her room and constantly harassed her. So Illyana was transported to Limbo to escape from them.

The Smiley Men harassing young Illyana

Greatest Fear

When Dr. Reyes attempted to kill Dani, on the orders of her superiors, this pushed Dani psychic powers to the limit, causing Illyana Rasputin's greatest fear, the Smiley Men, to manifest.[1]

The creatures chased the mutants through the corridors and attempted to take Illyana away. One of them attacked Roberto in the kitchen and he quickly eliminated him using his powers. So did Sam, eliminating several of them in the process.[1]

However, when Sam and Roberto were cornered by the creatures, Illyana appeared through a portal and killed them all with her sword, thus overcoming her fear.[1]

Characteristic Traits

The Smiley Men were eyeless demonic creatures, 7 foot tall  with dangling limbs and hideously grinning faces. They have tattoos all over their bodies and they stronger than a human, although not as strong as Roberto.




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