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"We live in an age of darkness. A world full of fear, hate, and intolerance. But in every age, there are those who fight against it."

Storm (born Ororo Munroe) is a mutant with the ability to control weather. She is a member of the X-Men.


Original Timeline


When Ororo was growing up, she became a member of the X-Men. She became one of the teachers at Xavier's Institute.

Storm and Cyclops rescue Rogue and Wolverine.

Storm and Cyclops came to Wolverine and Rogue's rescue when Sabretooth attacked, leaving Wolverine for dead, and attempting to capture Rogue. Cyclops puts his hand on his visor, and shoots a powerful optic blast at Sabretooth, knocking the feral mutant back. He then uses his beams to release Rogue who had become trapped inside Wolverine's caravan. Cyclops and Storm then grab Rogue and Wolverine run away seconds before the truck explodes, and bring the latter pair back to Xavier's school.

After Logan escaped the infirmary, and entered a class Professor X was teaching, his rescuers enter. Xavier introduces them as Ororo Munroe, AKA Storm, and Scott Summers, AKA Cyclops. Xavier tells him that they saved his life, and just then, Jean enters. Xavier introduces her as well, and then tells Logan that he is in his school for Gifted Youngsters – mutants, and that he is safe there from Magneto. Logan asks, "What’s a Magneto?", and Xavier answers that Magneto is a very powerful mutant, and that the mutant who attacked him is an associate of Magneto's called Sabretooth. Logan thinks the whole thing is ridiculous and starts leaving, roughly telling Scott to get out of his way. Xavier then tells him that he can help him figure out who he is. Telepathically, Xavier says to him that it's been 15 years since Logan lost his memory, showing that his telepathy can help Logan remember his past. Intrigued, Logan asks about what the place was.

After Jean ran some tests on Wolverine, she explains to Professor X, Cyclops and Storm her findings about Wolverine – a supposedly indestructible metal called adamantium is fused to his entire skeleton. Ororo asks how could he have survived a procedure like that, and Jean explains that his mutation is a healing factor, which also makes his age impossible to determine – he could very well be older than the professor. Xavier asks who did this to him, and she says that he doesn't know, nor does he remember anything that happened before it. Xavier muses that it must have been experimentation on mutants. Cyclops asks him what he thinks Magneto wants with him, and Xavier says that he's not entirely sure that it's him Magneto wants.

Sometime later, after Wolverine accidentally stabbed Rogue through the chest, and hysterically called out for help, she used her powers to absorb his healing factor. Ororo, Jean, Scott and some kids enter just in time to see her wounds heal and Logan pass out. Jean and Scott rush to help Logan, and Rogue starts apologizing and saying that it was an accident. She leaves the room, and the other children step away from her panickedly. They look at her with apprehension, though Iceman just looks concerned.

The next morning, Logan and Ororo walk into the lab, and Logan asks where Rogue is. Xavier, after a short mind scan, says that she is gone. A few minutes later, Xavier, Scott, Jean, Ororo and Logan enter a secured room and Xavier welcomes Logan to Cerebro. Cerebro is a big round room, with a bridge leading to the machine. Xavier explains that Cerebro amplifies his powers, allowing him to track mutants through large distances. That is how he intends to find Rogue. Logan asks why he just does not use it to find Magneto, and Xavier tells him that Magneto somehow found a way to shield himself from the machine. Logan asks how would he know how to do that, and Xavier says that he helped him build it. Then, he puts the Cerebro helmet on his head and, after the others exit, starts the search. Outside, Logan asks Jean if she ever used Cerebro, and she answers she has not, because it takes a certain degree of control and for someone like her it is dangerous. Inside, Xavier manages to locate Rogue at the train station after a short search. Logan starts leaving to find her but Xavier stops him, saying that if he will leave the mansion Magneto will capture him. Instead, he sends Cyclops and Storm to find her. In the garage, Scott and Ororo prepare to leave, when Scott notices that his motorcycle is missing.

Cyclops and Storm after the attack at the train station.

Storm and Cyclops arrive at the train station. Storm goes to check with the ticket agent as Scott looks around. Storm gives the ticket agent a description of Rogue, but before he can tell her if he saw her Sabretooth shows up, scaring everyone, grabs her throat, lifts her and growls. Cyclops rushes to help her, but Toad, who is clinging to the wall, sends out his long tongue and removes his visor, making him shoot a powerful optic blast at the ceiling, breaking a hole through it. Everybody run hysterically as Scott shuts his eyes and Ororo almost loses consciousness. Her eyes start glowing white, and a lightning comes through the ceiling and hits Sabretooth, sending him flying through the opposite wall.

Back at the mansion, after lashing out at Xavier for making a terrible mistake, Logan leaves angrily to find Rogue alone, but Storm tries to convince him to help them and fight with them. He declines, saying he does not want to help a world that hates him. He then says that Magneto's right – there is a war coming – and asks her if she is sure, she is on the right side. She answers that at least she has chosen a side. He opens the door to leave, and finds Senator Kelly standing in the other side, looking for Dr. Jean Grey.

Later in the medical lab, Ororo is with Kelly. He asks her not to leave him, as he does not want to be alone. His body is dripping with water. He asks her if she hates normal people, and she answers that sometimes she does. He asks why, and she answers that she is afraid of them. He tells her that she has got one less person to afraid off, and then his body starts to shake violently and swallow. He turns into water, and is spilled all over the room. Horrified, Storm runs out. She enters Xavier's study just in time to break an argument between Scott and Logan and informs them that Senator Kelly is dead. Xavier tells them that he will go find Rogue, and orders the men to settle it.

Cyclops, Jean, Storm and Wolverine discuss their battle plans. They understand Magneto's plan now completely, and they know Magneto is not aware of the fact that his machine kills. They know that if he will give Rogue enough power, he'll kill everybody in New York City. They plan to land on Liberty Island and spoil his plans. Logan asks what about harbor patrol, and Scott answers that if they have anything that can find their jet, they deserve to catch them. Scott asks Logan if he's okay to follow orders, Logan jokes it off at first but agrees, Scott's first order is to put on one of Scott's old uniforms, they join the others and board the X-Jet. Wolverine makes an insulting comment on the black leather uniforms, wondering how they actually go outside in them, Cyclops had a witty retort wondering if he'd prefer yellow spandex. They leave in the Blackbird, as the students watch in awe. Scott flies the jet, and when they reach the bridge, they land on the water, with Storm creating fog as cover.

The Blackbird lands and the X-Men get out. They look up, and see the machine on top of the torch. As they pass through the metal detector, it beeps on Logan, but he pops in claws in it. Cyclops turns towards him with an annoyed expression, and Wolverine sheaths the two outer claws, essentially flipping him off. Cyclops smiles and Jean rolls her eyes. They start walking carefully in the hall, but Toad and Mystique are already waiting for them, hidden. Logan's senses pick on them, and he tells the others that there is someone there, but he does not know where, and says "keep your eye open" as a joke on Scott's expense. Out of nowhere, another Wolverine shows up and starts battling Logan, and the others aren't sure anymore who's real and who's Mystique. They both pop their claws and start slicing the place, as Toad hops on the other three and throws all of them to the floor. With his deadly speed, strong legs and long tongue he succeeds to knock back Cyclops and Storm as they are not ready, and tries leaping at Jean, but she stops him in mid-air with her telekinesis. He throws slime at her from his mouth and she loses her telekinetic grip on him, just as Storm gets up. They duel with him having the upper hand, and the fight goes into another room.

Storm, just before she electrocutes Toad.

Storm finally gets up and starts using her intense wind to blow away Toad, with lightning in the background, as he yells at her "Don't you people ever die?" She blows him straight through the windows, her eyes glowing with fury, and he holds to the statue with his tongue. She walks up to him, saying "Do you know what happens to a toad when it's strike by a lightning? Same thing that happens to anything else". She then sends a lightning bolt directly at him. Toad is electrocuted, losing his tongue grip, and flies away into the sea.

Afterwards, Storm shows up upstairs, and the rest of the X-Men follow her up. They see the torch, and suddenly Wolverine tells them all to get out of there. Cyclops asks what the problem is, and Logan says that he cannot move. He floats in the air, and gets pinned to the wall. Metal pieces fly and hook the others to the walls, too, despite Cyclops' attempts to blast them. Cyclops is hooked in a way that his visor is directed at Jean's head, preventing him from shooting. Magneto floats down and aims Wolverine's hands to his chest, preventing him from popping his claws. Sabretooth joins them and removes Cyclops' visor, forcing him to close his eyes. Cyclops orders Storm to fry him, but Magneto reminds him that it's not a good idea to send a bolted lightning into a huge conductive.

Magneto tries contacting Mystique, but she does not respond. Jean, trying to convince Magneto out of his plan, tells him that she has seen Senator Kelly. Magneto is pleased that the senator survived the fall and the swim to shore, as it means his machine works. Jean tells him that he is dead, and Storm says that she saw him die, as the people at the summit will die. He asks her if she is sure she saw what she thinks she saw. Magneto explains his motives to the X-Men, and then they hear Rogue crying for help. Wolverine tells him that if he was really so righteous, it would have been him in the machine. Magneto just flies up to the machine, as Rogue continues to scream for help. Sabretooth approaches Storm saying, "You owe me a scream, while Logan uses all his might to release himself with the claws, seemingly hurting himself, and Jean yells his name in worry. Sabretooth approaches his body, and just then, Logan leaps at his and pops his claws in his stomach. Sabretooth seems to share Wolverine's healing factor, though, and they start battling on the statue's head.

Storm uses her powers to lift Wolverine into the air.

After Sabretooth is blasted out of the Statue of Liberty by one of Cyclops' optic blasts, Wolverine releases the others. He asks Cyclops if he can blast the machine, but Scott says that that will kill her. Cyclops asks Storm if she can lift him up, but she says she cannot control it like that – he could fly right over the top. Logan tells her to fly him – if he will not make it, at least Cyclops could still blast it. Cyclops agrees and orders Jean to try to steady Logan with her telekinesis. With combined efforts, Jean and Storm manage to direct Logan to the top of the machine. The energy field starts spreading, and Wolverine jumps inside. He tries to slash Rogue's chains, but Magneto stops him with his power. Cyclops puts his hand to his visor, but Jean asks him to wait. Cyclops sees a chance and decides to take, managing to blast Magneto. Free to move, Wolverine slashes the machine, stopping the field before it mutates anyone.

In the aftermath, after the X-Men rescue Rogue, they watch a news report shows Senator Kelly withdrawing the Mutant Registration Law. Cyclops pauses the television in a specific second, showing his eyes glowing yellow – revealing that it's actually Mystique.

X2: X-Men United

In a museum in New York, the students of Xavier's school are on a field trip. Storm explains to the students about evolution. One of the kids, Artie Maddicks scares a human girl with his blue tongue, and Storm calls on him to pay attention and not to expose his powers in public. Shortly after, Storm approaches Jean and Cyclops and asks if they have seen Bobby or Rogue. Jean scans and says that something's happening in the food court. Time then appears to have stopped, and Professor X wheels in, lecturing Pyro on showing off. A news report on television tells about the mutant attack on the Whitehouse, and Cyclops says that he thinks it's time to leave. The Professor agrees and everybody start moving once more, with the students and the X-Men gone.

Later in Xavier's study at the Institute, the X-Men are discussing the attack on the Whitehouse. Cyclops thinks Magneto is behind it, but Jean and the Professor disagree, thinking he won't be able to organize something like this from prison, not to mention it will only hurt his goals. Storm says the government will probably react by reintroducing the Mutant Registration Act, but Xavier fears it could be much worse – they could declare a state of emergency, placing every mutant in the country under arrest. Jean raises the question of the attacker, and the Professor says they have to get to him before the authorities. He's been trying to track him using Cerebro, but his movements are too sporadic. He tells them that when he has the exact location of this mutant, he wants Jean and Storm to pick him up.

When Logan returned to the X-Mansion, Ororo comes down the stairs and welcomes Logan home, saying that he came just in time – they need a babysitter. Jean comes down after her and greets Logan, Storm leaves to get the jet ready for Boston. Soon, Storm and Jean take off on the jet, and Xavier tells them exactly where the mutant is and to bring him to the mansion, wishing them luck.

That night at an abandoned church in Boston, filled with pigeons, Jean and Storm arrive. They hear the mutant above them speaking in German, but every few seconds the voice's source shifts. Jean understands that he's a teleporter – that's why the Professor had trouble locking on him. They tell him that they're not there to hurt him, they just want to talk. He still will not come down, so they decide to bring him down. Storm's eyes begin to go white, and a lightning bolt comes down, hitting the wood their query was sitting on. He falls down screaming, but Jean catches him in midair. He begs them not to kill him, as he didn't mean to harm anyone. They ask for his name, and he answers that it's Kurt Wagner. Later, as Jean tends to his gun wound, he tells them about what happened. He says that he could see it all happening, but he couldn't stop himself – it was like a bad dream. He doesn't remember what happened before the attack – just being at the church. Storm asks Jean to read his mind, but she says she'd rather get him back to the Professor. Storm then asks Kurt about the markings and carvings on his body. He says he did it himself. He then turns over, and shows them a hole on his back. The mutants then discover that Kurt was under the influence of mind control.

In the jet, Storm tries contacting the others, with no success. Jean offers to replace her so she can take a break. Ororo accepts and goes to the back, where Kurt is praying in German. She sits next to him and asks what the carvings on his body are. He answers that they're angelic symbols. She says that they're beautiful and asks how many he has. He answers that he has one for every sin, so quite a few. He asks if she and Ms. Grey are school teachers. She says yes – at a school for people like them, where they can be safe. He asks what do they need to be safe from. She seems confused he even has to ask, but answers, everyone else. He tells her that outside of the circus, most people were afraid of him, but he didn't hate them – he pitied them, because most people never know beyond what they see with their own two eyes. She tells him that she gave up on pity a long time ago, and he answers that someone so beautiful should not be so angry. She replies that sometimes anger can help one survive, and he says that so can faith. Jean interrupts them, saying that she found an active communicator.

At the Drakes', Scott's communicator beeps. Logan picks it up on the porch. Logan tells Jean that no one's left in the Institute – soldiers came. Storm asks what about the children and Logan answers that some of them escaped, but he's not sure about the rest. Jean tells him that they haven't been able to reach the Professor or Scott either. He tells them that he's in Boston with Bobby Drake's family and the women head there. He tells them to make it fast and hangs up. Soon after, the jet lands in the yard of the Drake residence, and the mutants walk to it as none of the officers dares to hit them. On the jet, the four mutants sit down. Wolverine asks who the new guy is. Kurt answers and tells him that in the Munich circus he was known as the incredible Nightcrawler.

Storm flies the X-Jet while creating tornadoes in defense.

While on the Jet, Jean tells Wolverine that they're close to the mansion. Just then, though, Storm detects two signals approaching fast. Indeed, two small military jets are tailing them and order them to descend in 10 seconds. Logan blames John that they're angry. The jets give their orders again, and when Storm doesn’t comply, they prepare to fire. Storm tries to maneuver and get away, and then her eyes begin to glow white. The sky turn dark and small tornadoes appear in the air. It works with one of the jet and it drops, but the other one manages to fire two torpedoes before the pilot jumps with his parachute. Storm stops her power, but then spots the torpedoes. This time it's Jean's eyes' turn to glow orange, and she gets one of the missiles off track with her telekinesis. She can't get the other one in time, though, and it hits them, blowing a hole in the jet as they begin to lose altitude. Rogue, who isn't wearing her seat belt, screams as she is sucked through the hole and falls in the air. Bobby and Logan scream after her, but it's Kurt who saves the day, teleporting next to her, grabbing her and teleporting her back inside. Still, the jet is falling rapidly, until suddenly the hole closes by itself and the jet stops in mid-air, meters from the ground. Storm asks Jean if she did it, and she says it wasn't her. On the ground, Magneto and Mystique are laughing.

That night, the mutants have set up a camp with a fire. By the fire, Magneto tells the X-Men that their foe is Colonel William Stryker and he invaded their mansion for one purpose – he wanted Cerebro, or enough of it to build one of his own. Jean says that it doesn't make any sense because he'll need the professor to operate it, and Magneto says that that's probably the only reason his old friend is still alive. Jean and Storm get worried, realizing the disaster potential, and Wolverine asks what they're so worried of. Magneto explains to him that when Cerebro is working, Charles's mind is connected to every living person on the planet – if he was forced to concentrate hard enough on a particular group, mutants for example, he could kill them all. Storm asks how Stryker knows where to find Cerebro in the first place and Magneto answers that he told him – Stryker has strong means of persuasion, even against a mutant as strong as Xavier. Jean wants to know more about Stryker, and Magneto says that he's a military scientist who spent his whole life trying to solve "the mutant problem", and says that Wolverine has a more intimate perspective, as his adamantium skeleton was created by Stryker. Wolverine doesn't understand why the professor didn't tell him, and Magneto says that Xavier though he was smart enough to discover it on his own – he gives him more credit than he deserves. Storm asks what he needs them for, and Magneto says that Mystique has discovered plans of a base Stryker has been operating from over a decade and that's where he's building the second Cerebro, but they don't know where this base is, and he believes one of them might know. Wolverine tells him that the professor already tried, but Magneto says that he wasn't talking about him. He looks up to see Nightcrawler sitting on a branch above them. A few minutes later, Jean scans Kurt's mind and sees horrible sights, very similar to the ones seen in Wolverine's mind, including an operation. After she finishes, she says that Stryker is at Alkali Lake.

The following morning, they all fly in the jet. There, they all take their uniforms. The kids complain that they don't get uniforms, and Logan says that theirs are on order – they'll arrive in a few years. Outside in the jet, the X-Men are planning the operation using a holographic topographic map of the base. They see that Stryker can easily flood the spillway if they go inside. Storm asks Nightcrawler if he can teleport them in, but he says he has to see where he's teleporting, otherwise, he might end up in a dangerous position. Wolverine offers to go, saying that he thinks Stryker wants him alive. Magneto says that whoever enters has to know how to operate the place, and looks at Mystique.

After a successful infiltration, in the Control Room, Mystique watches as the doors explode. It's not the soldiers, though, but the mutants, and they enter. She shows them a map of the base, with a large round room – Cerebro. Storm asks if she can shut it down from there, but she can't. Magneto says that he and Mystique will go then, but Jean says that not without her. Storm sees the captured children on a screen, and asks Nightcrawler to come with her to rescue them. Logan, apart from the others, sees Stryker on a screen. He hears the other planning to part – Storm and Nightcrawler will get the kids, Jean, Magneto and Mystique will go to shut down Cerebro. Storm notices that Logan's gone.

In another hallway, Storm and Nightcrawler find the grate above the children's prison cell. Storm looks down and sees Jubilee and Artie calling to her to help them out. Kurt teleports down inside and the six kids are all very scared by his looks and sudden appearance, and back away. After Dark Cerebro is activated, Storm, Nightcrawler, and the six captive kids also fall. Wolverine falls too in pain. Mystique rushes Magneto and tells him to hurry, and he uses his powers to try and open the doors. Magneto finally succeeds to open the doors, and Cerebro stops working.

Storm, Nightcrawler and the kids get to Cerebro's doors, and Jean and Cyclops get there right after him. Jean scans telepathically and says that the professor is still in there with another mutant, he's trapped in some sort of illusion. Suddenly, she realizes what Magneto has done and says that Magneto reversed Cerebro – it's not targeting mutants anymore, it's targeting everyone else. Cyclops then prepares to blast the doors, but Jean says that the professor is connected to Cerebro – opening the doors can kill him and everyone his mind is connected to. Storm tells Kurt that she needs him to take her inside. Scott asks who is Kurt and starts introducing himself, but Ororo interrupts, saying he's a teleporter. Kurt tells Ororo again that if he can't see where he's going it could be dangerous, and she says she has faith in him. Jean warns them to not believe anything they see in there.

Storm using her abilities against Jason Stryker.

Nightcrawler hugs Storm and starts praying, and then they disappear in a purple cloud of smoke, and reappear inside Cerebro. They don't see Xavier, just the little girl standing where the machine is supposed to be placed. "She" greets them hello and asks who they're looking for. Storm isn't falling to the illusion, and calls out to the professor, asking if he can hear her and telling him that he's got to stop Cerebro, now. The girl asks who they're talking to, and Nightcrawler start walking to her. Storm stops him and tells him not to move. He says she's just a little girl, but Storm says she's not. Storm tells Nightcrawler that it's about to get very cold in there, and he says he's not going anywhere. Her eyes begin to glow and her hair begins to scatter as the girl asks what she's doing. Storm's eyes glow white as strong wind brews in Cerebro and the temperature drops. Nightcrawler falls to his knees from the intense cold.

In Xavier's illusion, the girl keeps telling him to find all the humans. In reality, Jason is freezing. In Storm's illusion, the girl yells at her to stop it and screams. The cold is too much for Jason to bear, and Xavier snaps out of his illusion and takes off the cerebral helmet. He looks back, to see Jason, Ororo and Kurt. Outside the doors, Jean senses something is wrong. The dam keeps breaking, shaking the whole structure, and Jean tries scanning for the only missing person – Logan. Logan is running through the halls, desperate to save his friends. In Cerebro, the ceiling collapses. Kurt teleports Ororo and Xavier out in time, but Jason is beyond help. All the mutants run through the halls to the spillway, believing it to be their only escape. They get to the doors, but Logan pops out of a tunnel and pops his claws in a fuse box, closing the door before they'll get caught in the flood. In tells them that they don't want to go that way, and then water burst through the cracks to confirm. Logan leads his friends through the other way out.

The mutants rush out to the snow. To their shock and horror, the helicopter is already gone, taken by Magneto. Suddenly, the jet shows up spinning uncontrollably in the air. Rogue is piloting, and makes an emergency landing, crashing in the snow. After everyone gets on the X-Jet, Storm calms the frightened Rogue down, telling her it's okay and can let go of the controls. Scott and Ororo panic to realize that something's wrong and they can't take off. Rogue asks if anyone has seen John, and Jean answers after a short telepathic scan that he's with Magneto, to everyone's disappointment. The jet loses the power, and just then the water burst out through the dam again, not handling the pressure. Jean leaves the jet and telekinetically closes the door, keeping Scott and the others inside, and activates the jet. Scott yells at Ororo not to take off, but Jean does it for her. Jean uses one hand to keep the water from drowning the jet and the other the free the jet's leg from the snow. As her last words of goodbye, Jean uses her telepathy to speak through Xavier's mouth, saying she knows what she's doing – this is the only way. Scott begs her not to do this, and she says goodbye. Her body and eyes glow orange as she manages to release the jet's leg and lift it in the air. She releases her telekinetic grip, letting the water to drown her freely, and everybody grieve about her. Scott falls crying on Logan to the size of the tragedy. Everybody's overwhelmed, their throats choking with sorrow. The jet's flying above what is now a large sea. Kurt prays.

At the Whitehouse, the sky turn dark and lightning strikes, as President McKenna sees the mutants standing in front of him, Storm's eyes glowing white. The lightning is the only thing to light their faces. He's scared to see his attacker, Nightcrawler, among them. Professor X greets the president good morning and calms him down, saying they won't harm anyone. The president asks who they are and Xavier answers that they're mutants, and his name is Charles Xavier. Rogue puts some documents down on the president's desk, and Xavier explains that they were taken from the private office of William Stryker. The president asks how they got it, and the professor answers that he knows a little girl who can walk through walls. The president says that he's never seen this information, and Xavier says he knows that. The president says he doesn't respond well to threats, and Xavier says that this is not a threat – this is an opportunity. There are forces in this world, he says, both human and mutant alike, who believe that a war is coming. As he can see from the files, some had already tried to start one, and there have been casualties – losses, on both sides. He ends by telling the president that what he's about to tell the world is true: this is a moment – a moment to repeat the mistakes of the past, or to work together for a better future. They're there to stay – the next move is his. Logan says that they'll be watching, as lightning brightens all their faces, and suddenly they disappear and all the lights turn on again.

X-Men: The Last Stand

Storm and some of the other X-Men are in the Danger Room defending themselves from a Sentinel. Storm leads the team to safety because Cyclops isn't there and Wolverine is left being a sub. Wolverine finishes the Danger Room session by cutting the Sentinel's head off. Storm angrily tells Wolverine that he can't just change the rules and states that it was a defense exercise.

Storm asks Professor X why mutants are still hiding.

Storm asks the Professor why the X-Men are still hiding when they have Beast working for the government and a President who understands them. The Professor explains that the X-Men are not hiding, but he must do his best to protect his students from any of their foes. The Professor tells Storm that he wishes to make her the new leader one day because he was concerned about Cyclops still mourning over Jean's death. 

She and the Professor welcome the arrival of former X-Man, Beast who tells them about the Mutant Cure being developed. Storm is disgusted with this cure and believes that mutants are not a disease and cannot be cured.

Storm and Wolverine look for Cyclops at Alkali Lake.

When Cyclops goes missing, Storm and Wolverine are sent to Alkali Lake to investigate. Upon their arrival, Storm clears the fog with her powers, revealing a lot of floating rocks. She discovers Jean Grey unconscious and they take her back to the X-Mansion.

After Jean escapes, She and Wolverine accompany the Professor to Jean's home where the Brotherhood happen to be waiting. When things start to go out of control, Wolverine and Storm spring into action, with Storm against Callisto. She and Wolverine are too late to help the Professor before he was killed by Jean.

At the Professor's funeral, Storm gives a moving speech to all the students; saying that they will continue the Professor's mission to make the world a better place for mutants.

Storm fighting at Alcatraz.

She, Beast and Kitty discuss the fate of the school, but Storm wishes to keep the school running. When Warren Worthington III AKA Angel shows up, Storm gives him a home.

Storm and Wolverine lead the final battle with the Brotherhood on Alcatraz Island. She has another round with Callisto, only this time, Storm wins and electrocutes Callisto with her lightning powers.

At the end, the school is reopened and Storm welcomes all the students back as the new headmaster.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Storm fights in the dystopian future.

Storm, Professor X, Magneto, and Wolverine arrive to find the fellow X-Men members in China where they plan to send Wolverine back to 1973 to stop Mystique from killing Bolivar Trask, which triggered the Sentinel Program. As the X-Men defend the monastery from the Sentinels, Storm is killed by a Sentinel, who impales her from behind and tosses her dead body off a cliff.

Revised Timeline

X-Men: Apocalypse

Growing up as a pickpocket in Cairo, Ororo began to idolize Mystique, following the mutant's heroism in Washington D.C.

Storm as Horseman of Apocalypse.

One day, while using her abilities to score a wallet, Ororo was chased down by the man she had robbed before getting surrounded by many individuals. Just as things were about to get heated, Apocalypse arrived and killed all but one man by using sand to pierce their necks. Apocalypse killed the last man by melting him into a wall. Thankful for being saved, Ororo brought the mysterious being to her home, where he learned of what had happened in the past few centuries by skimming through a nearby television, also learning from Ororo about Mystique being her hero. Believing that humanity had lost its way, Apocalypse decided to "save" the world and imbued Ororo with great power, causing her hair to turn white in the process. Ororo then accompanied Apocalypse to various locations where he recruited Psylocke, Angel, and Magneto to his cause. The group later abducted Xavier from the X-Mansion.

Storm clashes with Cyclops.

Later, after seizing control of Cairo, Apocalypse ordered his subordinates to protect him while he attempted to transfer his consciousness into a captive Xavier. As they confronted a group of mutants led by Mystique, Ororo got in a fight with Cyclops. Over the course of the battle, she witnessed Apocalypse's disregard for Angel's death and subsequent brutal assault Quicksilver. However, seeing her hero Mystique being choked by Apocalypse, Storm realized what she has done and decided to set things right by attacking her former leader. With the help of Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Magneto, Ororo destroys Apocalypse.

As the X-Mansion is repaired (following its destruction when Xavier had been captured), Ororo talks to Quicksilver about his father, Magneto. Quicksilver says to her he'll tell him when it's a good time, he wants to stay, while Ororo remarks that she wants to stay too.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Nine years later in 1992, Professor X is now an adviser to the President of the United States as he and the X-Men are revered as worldwide superheroes. Xavier and Hank McCoy witness the space shuttle Endeavor encountering problems in space. Xavier is then telephoned by the President to provide assistance to the astronauts. Xavier dispatches Beast, Mystique, Quicksilver, Storm, Nightcrawler, Jean Grey and Cyclops to head to space, with Beast piloting the X-Jet. Storm uses her powers to conjure ice to cover the holes on the ship as Nightcrawler transports himself, Quicksilver and later Jean onto the ship, and witnesses Jean absorbing the Phoenix Force. After the astronauts are saved and brought back to Earth safely, the X-Men throw a party, where Storm uses her powers to produce ice cubes for drinks. Cyclops asks Storm if she Jean seems well, which Storm agrees to moments before Jean unleashes a psychic attack on her fellow mutants.

As Jean leaves the X-Mansion to locate her father, Storm joins the X-Men on their trip to Red Hook to bring her home. After Jean proves to be a hostile force, Storm fires lightning at Jean, which Jean deflects. Mystique decides not fight Jean and instead calm her down. As she approaches her, Jean notifies Mystique to get away from her, although this causes Jean to unleash a psychic wave that propels Mystique back into the damaged houses, impaling her on wooden pieces and killing her as Jean flies away.

Back at the X-Mansion, Cyclops informs the students that Jean killing Mystique was an accident; however, he is berated by Storm, who informs him that it was no accident and that there is something wrong with her. After using Cerebro, Xavier realizes that Hank has gone to see Magneto and that they are planning to kill Jean to avenge Mystique. Cyclops enlists Storm and Nightcrawler to join them, and she fights Selene and Ariki on the streets of New York. She is eventually rendered unconscious by the U.S. military, who place mutant ability dispersing collars on her. On a train headed to a mutant internment facility, she is freed by a soldier when the D'Bari begin their attack. She fights and kills them before being shielded by Jean, who destroys the train, disintegrates the D'Bari and seemingly kills herself and Vuk in an explosion.

Storm returns back to the X-Mansion, where she becomes a science teacher, producing lightning for her students.

Deadpool 2

When Deadpool blew himself up after blaming himself for the death of Vanessa Carlysle, Colossus brought him to the X-Mansion to recover. While there, Deadpool began complaining that he never saw other X-Men around the mansion apart from Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. While ranting, Deadpool was unaware that Professor X, Cyclops, Storm, Nightcrawler, Beast, and Quicksilver were in a room behind him. Beast quietly closed the door so that he did not notice them.

X-Men: Days of Future Past 2023

When Wolverine wakes up in the altered timeline of 2023, Storm is seen alive as a teacher at the X-Mansion.

Westchester Incident

In 2028, Charles Xavier developed Alzheimer's and suffered a massive seizure that injured 600 people, and killed 7 mutants, including several members of the X-Men. It is unknown if Storm was among those who were either killed or injured.


In one of the X-Men comics read by Laura, Storm is one of the members of the X-Men alongside Wolverine, Cyclops, Rogue, Colossus, and Charles Xavier searching for a place called Eden.


Storm is brave and a very capable member of the X-Men, using her abilities to constantly get her friends out of danger. She appears to never give up or lose hope, possessing a will power that Wolverine, Cyclops, and even Professor X (in his youth) seems to lack. During her interaction with Nightcrawler and Senator Kelly, she may come across as patient and caring, but in reality, she admits to feeling scared and angry towards humans. Her anger and fear towards humans are more expressed as a teenager when she was a Horseman of Apocalypse, however, much through her adult life, she represses her anger and possibly lets go of her fear when Senator Kelly provides her closure and she admits to having faith in Nightcrawler. After the death of Xavier, Storm is the only X-Man along with Iceman who believed the school should stay open regardless. True to her nature as a teacher and mother figure to the students, she is determined to keep the school opened as many students have nowhere to go and she is the only X-Men (minus Nightcrawler, who she asks to help) to save the X-Men students captured by Stryker.

In the revised timeline, as a young thief on the streets of Cairo, Egypt during the 1980s, Ororo lived a hard life, but idolized Mystique (after Mystique had saved the President from Magneto) and desired to be like her. After she was saved by Apocalypse, she was excited to meet another mutant and came under his thrall after he enhanced her powers. She was very loyal to him and sought to serve him in his bid to remake the world in his image (and destroy countless lives in the process while enslaving the remaining survivors). But during the final battle, when Storm saw her master dishonor her ally, Angel, after he was killed in the explosion, and seeing her hero, Mystique, try to stop Apocalypse and almost die for her friends and allies, Storm appeared to regain her own will as she finally realized she was on the wrong side and turned against him.

She joined the X-Men and eagerly began training alongside her new teammates under her hero, Mystique.

Powers and Abilities


Storm manipulating the wind

  • Weather Manipulation: Storm is a powerful mutant who is able to control the weather and all of its forms with ease. She can control meteorological tempests, such as lightning, thunderstorms, hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes, mist, and typhoons. She can even siphon electricity, causing her to shoot it out as lightning of any intensity. In The Last Stand, she could shock people with lightning by colliding with them.
    • Atmospheric Adaptation: Storm is immune to extreme weather conditions like extreme heat or cold, storms and is capable creating a small atmosphere around her, thus this allows her possibly survive in areas where there is a lack of oxygen such as areas of high altitudes.
    • Electricity Manipulation: The ability to manipulate, control, and create pure electrical energy; such as lightning. This power allows Ororo to control all forms of electrical power, being it static electricity, thunder and lightning, magnetic force, electromagnetic forces, or electrical pressure. Ororo is capable of discharging lightning bolts from her hands, while also summoning a lightning bolt from the sky.
    • Earth Telepathy: Storm is psychically linked to her immediate surroundings, as she can detect the position of fighter jets whilst creating tornadoes to keep them at bay. She was capable of avoiding unintentional causalities when the pilots ejected from their jets. She can also detect if a nearby animal or plant has died or if the weather is about change. Her spatial awareness allowed her to spin rapidly towards the Brotherhood and accurately electrocute three of them without missing.
    • Energy Perception: Storm can perceive an amount of energy. She used this ability to give energy to Bishop.
    • Enhanced Senses: When Storm's eyes go white, she can see her surroundings in the form of energy. She uses this ability to see through harsh weather conditions like fog, darkness or clouds. She can also see the neuro-electric networks inside living organisms and use this to counter or anticipate their attacks, however, opponents with super speed like Callisto prove to be more challenging.
    • Flight: With the power of wind control, Storm is even able to fly by making the wind lift her up in the air. She could fly at great speed, allowing her to smash through a wood fence while spinning towards attacking mutants.
    • Lightning Travel: Storm can travel through bolts of lightning, giving her amazing speed.


  • Expert Combatant: Storm is a highly trained hand-to-hand combatant. She utilizes her lightning while fighting close range. She is even able to hold her own against physically stronger opponents in close combat, like Callisto.
  • Skilled Leader: Storm has led the X-Men in battle many times, eventually becoming one of Professor Xavier's protégés and, upon Cyclops' death, second-in-command. She even took over as headmaster of the school following Xavier's death in the original timeline.
  • Skilled Pilot: Storm is typically the team member who handles transportation of the X-Men to battle sites, or wherever else they need to go. With her power to control wind, she is able to make flights smooth or turbulent, depending on what the team needs. She makes difficult landings with ease.
  • Thief: Whilst living in Cairo as an orphan, Storm and her friends had to survive by stealing food and money.
  • Multilingualism: Storm is fluent in her parent's native Swahili, Arabic, and English (which she picked up from watching American films and TV shows).


Original Timeline


  • Beast † - Former Mentor, Former Teammate, and Friend
  • Cyclops † - Former Classmate, Former Teammate, and Friend
  • Jean Grey † - Former Classmate, Former Teammate, Friend, and Former Enemy
  • Magneto - Enemy turned Former Teammate
  • Professor X - Former Mentor, Former Teammate, Friend and Father-like Figure
  • Angel † - Former Teammate and Friend
  • Nightcrawler - Former Teammate and Friend
  • Wolverine - Former Teammate and Friend
  • Colossus † - Former Student, Former Teammate, and Friend
  • Iceman † - Former Student, Former Teammate, and Friend
  • Rogue - Former Student, Former Teammate and Friend
  • Shadowcat - Former Student, Former Teammate, and Friend
  • Free Mutants - Former Teammates
  • Artie Maddicks - Former Student
  • Flea - Former Student
  • Jones - Former Student
  • Leech - Former Student
  • Siryn - Former Student


Revised Timeline


  • Beast - Former Mentor, Teammate, Friend, and Former Enemy
  • Caliban † - Former Enemy
  • Jubilee - Former Classmate and Friend
  • Magneto - Ally and Former Teammate
  • Moira MacTaggert - Teammate, Friend, and Former Enemy
  • Mystique - Former Mentor, Teammate, Friend, Former Enemy, and Idol
  • Professor X † - Former Mentor, Friend, Father-like Figure, and Former Enemy
  • Wolverine † - Former Teammate and Friend
  • Cyclops - Former Classmate, Teammate, Friend, and Former Enemy
  • Jean Grey - Former Classmate, Teammate, Friend, and Former Enemy
  • Nightcrawler - Former Classmate, Teammate, Friend, and Former Enemy
  • Quicksilver - Former Classmate, Teammate, Friend, and Former Enemy
  • Colossus - Former Student, Teammate, and Friend
  • Iceman - Former Student, Teammate, and Friend
  • Rogue - Former Student, Teammate, and Friend
  • Shadowcat - Former Student, Teammate, and Friend
  • Negasonic Teenage Warhead - Teammate
  • Yukio - Teammate



  • In X-Men and X2: X-Men United, she used to wear high heels as part of her uniform, before wearing black shoes in X-Men: The Last Stand. In X-Men: Days of Future Past, she wore heels with a non-leather uniform.
  • A young Storm had a cameo appearance in a deleted scene for X-Men Origins: Wolverine, in which she appeared in the Nigerian village Team X attacks.
  • In X-Men: First Class, during the Cerebro scene, there is a young girl, with white hair, this was originally supposed to be a young Storm, however, subsequent films prove that she isn't due to discrepancies in her age.
  • Angela Bassett was the studio's first choice to portray Storm, but she was too expensive to cast at the time. Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey were also considered for the role.[1]
  • In X-Men: Apocalypse, Apocalypse called Storm a goddess, a reference to her comic book counterpart who was worshiped as a goddess by a Kenyan tribe.[2]

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