The "Tailor" was a former Nazi officer who served at Auschwitz and was associated with Sebastian Shaw.


During World War II, the "Tailor" was an SS Nazi officer who, under the orders of Adolf Hitler, kidnapped and murdered many Jewish people, stripping them of their identities and relocating them to concentration camps. After the war, he took refuge at Villa Gesell in Argentina.

In 1962, Erik Lehnsherr arrived at Villa Gesell hoping to confront Shaw, based on a tip he extracted from a French banker in Switzerland. Instead, Lehnsherr found him and the "Pig Farmer" in the bar. Thinking they were mere patrons, Erik then noticed both him and the Pig Farmer in a photo along with Shaw, on a boat in Miami, Florida known as the Caspartina. As Erik spoke German in the bar, the Pig Farmer struck up a conversation with him, revealing that he and the Tailor had moved here from Dusseldorf.

As Erik was aware that pig farmers and tailors in Dusseldorf were not Jewish during the Third Reich and that they were Nazi's, Erik told him that his parents were from Dusseldorf as well; however, their identities were stripped by pig farmers and tailors. Noticing Erik's number tattooed on his arm, the Pig Farmer attempts to kill Erik with a Nazi SS dagger. Erik manages to grab the dagger and stab the Pig Farmer in the hand, who yelps in pain. The bartender then attempts to shoot Erik; however, Erik uses his ability to move the gun towards the Tailor and to squeeze the trigger, killing the Tailor.


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