The Workshop is a top secret illegal research organization that experiments on humans to unlock hidden mutant abilities in their DNA. It is a modern day subsidiary of Weapon X.



A department of Weapon X, they began to experiment on humans with the hopes of unlocking mutant abilities. The experiments were brutal torture due to mutant genes emerging from extreme stress in the body. The Mutate's created for the program were designed to be sold off to the highest bidder, to be used as slaves for various evil purposes. Ajax became one of the earliest test subjects and eventually became a doctor for the program.

Wade Wilson was contacted to join the project, with the initial prospect of becoming a superhero, however he refused. Later on receiving news that he had terminal cancer he agreed to join, to be cured. Wade was put through horrendous torture while in the program, due to stress and pain being an important factor in activating latent mutant genes. These experiments included electrocution, forcible submersion in ice water, physical beatings and painful chemical injections. Wade managed to keep his humor and spirit during the tests, believing that he was doing it to become a "superhero".

When the previous tests proved ineffective in bringing out Wilson's X-Gene, he was put through the worst test yet; locked in a machine that repeated suffocated him over and over for days. Wade's powers finally manifested but left him horribly deformed all over his body. Ajax revealed to Wade that the whole project was to make Wade a "Super Slave" not a superhero, he also refused to fix Wade's deformity.

Wade eventually broke out of his confinement and fought Ajax in a brutal fight that destroyed the facility. Wade was left impaled on the floor as the building and all its other test subjects were destroyed in a blaze. Ajax assumed that Wilson was killed, but it was revealed that Wade's mutant ability gave him incredible regenerative powers. He crawled out of the ruble with a mission to hunt Ajax down.



  • In the comics, Dr. Killebrew ran The Workshop instead of Ajax. Ajax was only a test subject like Deadpool, and was a henchman of Killebrew.
  • The mutant Marrow appears as a woman with bones protruding from her back when Wade enters the facility.
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