"He wasn't your father........son."
―Thomas Logan before dying[src]

Thomas Logan was the father of Victor Creed and the biological father of Logan.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Thomas Logan entered the house of his former employer, John Howlett and killed him. After witnessing the death of his "father", as Thomas tries to explain to James the truth about this situation and tells John's wife, Elizabeth Howlett not to lie about it, James' claws came out and ran towards Thomas. Thomas tries to stop James by gunning him down with his rifle, but is stopped by Elizabeth. Soon after, James kills Thomas by impaling him with his claws. Just before his death, Thomas told James that he was his real father. Logan's death seemingly pleased his eldest son Victor to no end as his father had been known to be often drunk and abusive towards him. He even told James not be upset about killing their father, claiming "He deserved it, and you gave it to him".


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