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Trask Industries was a company that built the mutant-hunting weapons, artificial limbs and the Sentinels. Founded in 1967, the company was run by Bolivar Trask.



Founded in 1967 by Dr. Bolivar Trask, Trask Industries developed DNA-generated artificial limbs that revolutionized the field of prosthetics [1].


After Trask was assassinated by Mystique for his experiments on mutants, Trask Industries was contracted by the Nixon administration in 1973 to develop the Sentinel program [2]. They partnered with athletics officials to implement a genetic testing policy that prevented mutants from participating in professional sporting events, influenced by the actions of Peter Maximoff after he used his mutant powers to break eight world records in track and field events in 1977 [3].

1989 saw the FBI partner with Trask Industries to unveil a method of using DNA evidence at crime scenes to identify criminals. Around the same time, Trask Industries used this DNA database to build a private Mutant Registry off the record, with plans of selling the information to wealthy world governments [4].

In 1996, Trask Industries inadvertently caused an outbreak of Mad Cow Disease in their attempts at creating a cure for the X-Gene [5]. They were responsible for the construction of Camp X-Ray in 2001, a mutant detention city located in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba [6]. Following a string of outbreaks from Camp X-Ray, Trask Industries developed the Mutant Inhibitor Collar in 2009 to suppress mutant powers [7].

In 2010, Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters was acquired by Trask Industries to use as a mutant research facility [8]. Nearly forty-five years after capturing the shapeshifter Mystique, Trask Industries has used her DNA to develop the Sentinel Mk X, which has the ability to adapt to any mutant power. The Sentinels are unveiled to the world in 2013 in response to mutant uprisings [9].

X-Men: Days of Future Past - The Rogue Cut

In 2023, Magneto and Iceman broke into Trask Industries Research Facility at Xavier's School to rescue Rogue, who had been stored within the Cerebro Chamber to prevent her being located by Professor X. The scientists were experimenting on her to provide the Mk X Sentinels with the power absorbtion abilities which Rogue possessed.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

After Wolverine was sent back in time to 1973, his actions in the past prevented the Sentinel program from ever being developed by Trask Industries. In this new timeline, Bolivar Trask was arrested for selling military secrets to Vietnamese officials.


  • An advertisement for Trask Industries can be seen at the airport in the post-credits scene for The Wolverine.




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