Trask Industries was a company that built the mutant-hunting weapons, artificial limbs and the Sentinels. Founded in 1967, the company is run by Bolivar Trask.


The Wolverine

A commercial for Trask Industries is briefly shown on a TV screen in an Airport where Wolverine was passing through.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

When Bolivar Trask was killed by Mystique in 1973, Trask Industries captured and experimented on Mystique and spent the next 40 years creating the ultimate Sentinel using her DNA. When the Mark X Sentinels were finally announced in 2013, Trask Industries was possibly destroyed in the future when the Mark X Sentinels began targeting everyone.

With the timeline averted and Trask not dying, Trask Industries possibly continued or disbanded because of Trask's arrest for disclosing military secrets.

Tandem Initiative

On September 24th, Trask Industries covertly funded the viral website, Tandem Initiative as subsidiary to research Mutants against their will.

Their mission:

We are Tandem Initiative.

We are a covertly-funded subsidiary for Trask Industries.
We research mutants.
We research mutants against their will.
We do worse.
We misrepresent mutants.
We lie about mutants.
We kill mutants.
We call this science.
We call it fact.
We favor Homo Sapiens to Homo Sapiens Superior.
We favor annihilation to harmony.
We are liars.
We are murders.

We are Trask.


  • Coincidentally, Trask Industries is an anagram for another Marvel company, Stark Industries (of Iron Man).



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