Villa Gesell is a seaside village in the Buenos Aires Province, Argentina founded in 1931 by Carlos Idaho Gesell.


X-Men: First Class

Going on a tip by a Swiss banker pertaining to Sebastian Shaw's whereabouts, Erik Lehnsherr travels to Argentina to visit Villa Gesell. He enters a local tavern, where he finds a German Pig Farmer and Tailor having a drink. On the wall, he sees a photograph of the Pig Farmer and the Tailor on the deck of the Caspartina with Sebastian Shaw. He engages in casual conversation with the pair about their reasons behind leaving Germany, before showing them his concentration camp number inked on his left arm.

The Pig Farmer tries to attack Erik with a Nazi knife (with the words 'Blut und Ehre' engraved onto the blade; Blood and Honor), which he quickly takes off the Pig Farmer. Erik stabs the Pig Farmer with the knife, prompting the barkeep to pull a gun on Erik. Erik controls the gun in the barkeep's hand, moving it in the direction of the Tailor. The barkeep shoots the tailor, and Erik throws the knife into the barkeep's chest, before pulling it back to stab the Pig Farmer again.

When the Pig Farmer asks what Erik is, Erik responds "Let's just say... I'm Frankenstein's monster, and I'm looking for my creator." before shooting him dead with the barkeep's gun. Erik spares one last look at the photo of the Caspartina, which tells him where his search for Sebastian Shaw will take him next - Miami.


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