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Weapon X is a codename for a secret US government project intended to deliberately induce superpowers for military purposes, turning willing and unwilling beings into living weapons.

The project often captures mutants and experiments on them to enhance their superpowers and also mutates baseline humans. The successive projects had Roman numerals, so Weapon X and Weapon XI were the tenth and eleventh such projects of the Weapon X program.



Sabretooth, who is working for William Stryker, kills Wade Wilson so Stryker can use Wade Wilson's body in an experiment. Sabretooth then came for Chris Bradley and killed him, so Stryker could use Bradley's DNA for the Weapon XI program. William Stryker has Victor kidnap mutant children for their abilities, including Scott Summers to the mutant prison on Three Mile Island. Stryker convinces Logan that he can help him kill Sabertooth by infusing him with adamantium. Stryker binds Logan's bones with adamantium, and he flat lines afterwards.

After a few moments, though, he resuscitates and escapes the facility after overhearing Stryker order that his memories be erased for so that his DNA could be used for an upcoming project. Stryker gathered and collected the DNA from mutants whose powers could be used collectively within the body of Wade Wilson. By then, Wade was gone, and was now known as Weapon XI, "The Mutant Killer" - Deadpool. Stryker also seals Wade's mouth and gives him an Adamantium skeleton.


After capturing Moira MacTaggert, Beast, Mystique and Quicksilver, William Stryker takes them to Alkali Lake. Scott Summers, Jean Grey and Kurt Wagner discover Logan (dubbed Weapon X), and Jean frees him with her powers as Logan/Weapon X attacks the guards. Meanwhile, Stryker escapes via helicopter while Logan tries to attack Scott and Kurt, although Jean calms him down and restores a part of his memory, just enough to give him sanity and allows him to escape into the wilderness.


The Weapon X Program is reopened by a secret government agency, it begin creating mutants through brutal and sadistic methods, to sell off to the highest bidder. Angel Dust and Ajax are among the first created, with the later becoming a doctor for the company.


Wade Wilson finds out he has terminal cancer. To save his life he agrees to an experimental procedure offered from Jared Smith. He is then taken to an Weapon X facility where he is tortured until his mutant gene emerges. After being put into a chamber that deprived him of oxygen, his mutant gene emerged and he was given enhanced abilities such as a healing factor.


  • Ajax † - Experimental Subject turned Former Leader
  • Angel Dust - Former Subordinate and Experiment
  • William Stryker - Former Leader
  • Dale Rice † - Former Subordinate
  • Jared Smith † - Former Subordinate
  • Deadpool - Experiment
  • David Cunningham † - Experiment
  • Marrow - Experiment
  • Wolverine † - Experiment

  • Mutant Test Subjects



    • In the comics, Weapon X  was a code name for a secret U.S. Government project intended to deliberately induce superpowers for military purposes. It was the tenth installment of the Weapon Plus Program. In the case of Weapon X, the mechanism was genetic engineering, specifically creating mutations in normal humans and enhancing preexisting mutations.
    • In the comics, The code-name Weapon X was originally mentioned in the first appearance of Wolverine in The Incredible Hulk #180, in 1974, since which, it had been implied that he was connected to a shady and malevolent government program.In the 1991 Marvel Comics Presents story arc Weapon X, the project was designated Experiment X, and it was revealed that it was responsible for bonding the adamantium to Wolverine's skeleton, making him indestructible. It also subjected him to brainwashing in order to bring out his most basic murderous instincts and to transform him into the perfect assassin. The scientists christened their new killing machine "Weapon X".
    • In the comics,Weapon X operated through Canada's Department K and was directed by Professor Andre Thorton. At his side were Dr.Abraham Cornelius, Dr. Carol Hines, and Dr. Dale RiceJohn Sublime, the director of Weapon Plus, was always behind the scenes. Some of the work of Weapon X was based on the experiments detailed on the journals of Nazi scientist Nathan Essex, which were obtained by Weapon Plus after the end of World War II.The project's original test subjects were the members of Team X, a covert ops CIA team (consisting of Wolverine/LoganSabretooth/Victor CreedMaverick/Christoph NordSilver FoxMastodon, Major Arthur Barrington, Psi-Borg/Aldo Ferro, Wildcat/Noel Higgins and Kestrel/John Wraith). The telepath Psi-Borg was involved in the creation of the victims' memory implants, in exchange for being endowed with immortality. The test subjects were policed by an adaptive robot enforcer, called Shiva, should any of the agents go rogue.

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