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XMen1 Novel

X-Men: A Novelization is the official novelization of the film X-Men. It was written by Kristine Kathryn Rusch based on the film's screenplay by Tom DeSanto and Bryan Singer.


It's the movie event of the year--and the action-packed book you've been waiting for.

Outcasts from society, the X-MEN are genetic mutants, born with superhuman powers, who harness their special abilities for the greater good. But the human race they fight to protect rejects and fears--even hates--them.

Not all mutants seek to protect mankind. One terrorist group--led by the supremely powerful Magneto--seeks to strike first. Battling against prejudice and agents of intolerance, the X-MEN must establish a peaceful coexistence between mutant and mankind or they will surely perish...




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