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X-Men: The Movie Special Edition is a tie-in comic based on X-Men.



The plot of the comic book is similar to the movie. However, it contains numerous deleted or alternate scenes that didn't make the final cut of the film: Logan waking up and strangling Jean when she tries to take his blood sample, threatening to kill her if she touches him again, Rogue wondering how Logan is adjusting to his new surroundings, Logan having a nightmare where he finds himself in a tube prior to the Adamantium being injected into his body, Logan promising Rogue he'll take care of her just before he gets knocked unconscious after Magneto stops the train, and Rogue thanking Logan for saving her life. There are some scenes where the X-Men have said to have encountered Sentinels from years before Logan joins them. Psylocke and Angel go into hiding to protect their identities. Colossus has a cameo appeareance in one scene where Rogue is attending class.