X-Men The Official Game
X-Men: The Official Game is set between X2: X-Men United  and X-Men: The Last Stand. It gives the explanation of why Nightcrawler left the X-Mansion.

This game was developed by Z-Axis Games (PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360), Beenox (PC port), Hypnos (GameCube port), WayForward Technologies (Game Boy Advance) and Amaze Entertainment (Nintendo DS), published by Activision and released May 16, 2006.

Playable Characters





Act 1

Lady Liberty (Wolverine)

Start out by attacking Sabretooth in this Danger Room simulation, using the dodge when Sabretooth rears back to attack. After running through the various moves that are indicated, Wolverine can knock Sabretooth off the ledge, followed by him healing before hopping down after his arch foe. However, not long after landing, Sabretooth will leave Wolverine to deal with the Rifle troopers that appear, so make use of Quick Attack combos and charging attacks to quickly neutralize foes, advancing around the base of the Statue. After reaching Sabretooth, use the same attack patterns of Quick Attacks and Heavy Attacks, remembering to roll out of the way when he attacks. When Wolverine achieves a full meter for his Fury Attacks, make use of his Quick Attack combos to really inflict damage on Sabretooth, which will also heal him as he lands his hits. Keep on Sabretooth, as he too possesses naturally healing abilities, lowering his health to nothing to end the mission!

Liberty Island (Iceman)

Now Bobby (Iceman) is up next in the Danger Room, and he will be flying high above the water around the Statue of Liberty. Start off by practicing at his unique ability to create pathways of ice to slide along, passing through the various nav points set up by the computer while listening to Wolverine. After passing through all the points at tree level, one last nav point must be passed through near Lady Liberty's face, so angle upwards and speed boost to get there quickly. Bobby must next go to the burning buildings and make use of his Icebeam ability to extinguish the fires, but be sure to fly by the targets while putting them out, also remembering to use the brake to slow down the approach to get more time to fire upon the burning structures. Next up for Bobby is to go take down the enemy who started the fire, making use of the lock on button and Hailstorm to land accurate and deadly blows, downing the waves to Jet Troopers. After getting some practice in with this new fighting X-Man, fly through the final nav point when indicated by Wolverine to end the mission!

Alkali Lake (Nightcrawler)

Start out by going forward and hopping across the debris floating in the water, followed by jumping onto and swinging across the metal pipes that stick out from the wall. Leap onto the pipes above the spillway next, following them to find a large gap to teleport across, so look for Kurt's blue flame indicator, which tells where he will land from a teleport (aim across the gap and POOF over to the far side). Continue teleporting across hanging pipes to turn back and hit a new pipe path, running the length of it to enter an area where a jump teleport is needed to reach the far side (jump forward to begin the move, then teleport when in the air to increase the distance traveled), where the Spillway controls lie. After entering the room ahead, Electric Club Guards will enter the room, requiring Nightcrawler to take them all out. Use the attacks as they flash onto the screen, laying a beat down to the foes while learning Kurt's combat abilities. After the bouts, use the Shadow Aura healing (just like with Wolverine), followed by opening the door to go after Dark Cerebro, learning how to teleport behind an enemy, followed by unleashing combos of Quick and heavy Attacks. After battling two sets of two foes, activate the console nearby to finish the mission!

Generator Room (Nightcrawler)

Teleport to the pipe ahead, walking along the surface to find some hanging lights to teleport across, reaching a second pipe where the first Sentinel Tech in the game is located. Continue to teleport along the pipes and lamps, finding a sloped pipe to climb, finding a ledge to leap down off of for another Sentinel Tech. Return to the sloped pipe to get back up to the high ledge, taking the pipe to the left to take out a guard, followed by grabbing the Sentinel Tech. Now head along the next pipe, taking out another guard with Teleport Attacks, followed by grabbing the nearby Sentinel Tech. Use the remaining pipes to find the control panel (and a final Sentinel Tech piece), entering into the generator control room. Battle with the Electric Axe Guards, using Teleport Attack combos, followed by grabbing the Weapon X File before disabling the first generator. Now Nightcrawler will need to return to the previous room, fighting off the remaining guards to get to the second generator (use his lock on Teleport Attack to traverse large gaps), shutting it down. This will leave one final generator to get to, but Kurt will have to contend with a few more Electric Club Guards, taking out the third generator, so run back to the entrance to the area, tackling three final guards, ending the mission by using the final control panel!

Alkali Lab (Wolverine)

Use Heavy Attacks while calling on Storm to use her lightning attacks, taking out the Electric Club Guards, remembering that between each set of enemies, Wolverine can use his healing abilities to recover. Grab the two Sentinel Tech pieces and the Weapon X file that are in this room before getting Strom to overload the generators with an attack, allowing Logan to destroy them with his attacks. After each generator is destroyed by Logan, look by the head of the Sentinel to find another Sentinel Tech piece, which will round out the five in this area. Destroy the final generator to end the massive brawl!

Holding Pens (Wolverine)

Crack the two guards to allow Logan to trash the door control panel, opening the way forward to some more guard bouts. Pass through the door and enter the large area, going left through the first door to bust down the cracked wall, taking out some enemies before snagging the Weapon X file. Head back into the large area, cracking the waves of enemies before combing over the crates for a Sentinel Tech piece, followed by climbing the stairs to find another round of bouts to take care of. Once the battle is done, locate another Sentinel Tech piece near the computer, followed by going through the shot out windows to head down the side hallways to kill the Rifle Troopers there, locating the Sentinel Tech piece that they were guarding. Head back to the previous area, taking the stairs to find another Sentinel Tech piece in a crate, followed closely by another HYDRA attack force. Use Fury Attacks to keep Logan moving when he takes damage, clearing the area to allow Wolverine to go down the hallway ahead, finding the exit, but first go through the opening to find the last Sentinel Tech piece, and then go trash the control panel to end the mission!

Testing Center (Wolverine)

Things start off with waves of enemies here, so come out swinging, using jump attacks to stun the spear carriers, switching to Quick Attacks on the ground to keep enemies from landing a hit. After clearing out the enemies look for a Sentinel Tech piece, but be ready for round two. This time the floor will spew fire through the grates periodically, so try to stay clear of these areas while continuing to land blows to the waves of foes. Round three is comprised of more fire traps, but heavy cages will also try to fall onto Logan, so really avoid the grated areas, as these traps can quickly topple Logan. Head through the open door and move right, smashing the crates near the Rifle Troopers to reveal the Sentinel Tech piece hidden within, followed by moving into the next room to go left and battle more troops, reaching another Sentinel Tech piece. As soon as possible, charge forward down the hall for the heavy gun placed there, trashing it. Take out the Rifle Troopers that remain, then heal up before raiding the nearby alcove for another Sentinel Tech piece, allowing Logan to advance to the final room. More waves of enemies will attack, so prioritize the targets in accordance to their threat to Wolverine, remembering to use the Fury Attacks and Healing to keep Logan healthy. While these fights are going on, smash the various objects in the room to find the final Sentinel tech piece and a Weapon X file. Once the room is cleared, the mission also ends!

Hangar (Wolverine)

Before entering the fray with Lady Deathstrike, go through the area around the air vortex and collect the four Sentinel tech pieces that are scattered in poor hiding places. Enter the fray against Lady Deathstrike, using Heavy Attacks to counter her after she attacks, hopefully knocking her into the whirling air. If she ends up inside, she will land stunned on the ground, leaving her open to combos, so lay into her whenever possible in this situation. Also keep an eye on Wolverine's Fury Attack meter, as his Heavy Attack while enraged will pin Lady Deathstrike to the ground, delivering massive damage as long as Logan keeps hitting the Heavy Attacks on her. While engaged with Yuriko, be sure to be on the look out for the final Sentinel Tech piece and the Weapon X file, both of which are hidden within objects in the battle area. Continue to fight a smart counterattack battle, and Yuriko will surely go down in defeat!

Launching Bay (Nightcrawler)

Run forward and snag the first Sentinel Tech piece, followed by teleporting to the beams overhead. Progress through teleportation until Kurt can reach a small ledge, which leads to more beam teleporting to reach a pipe. Follow it though various teleporting sections, arriving at an illusion and one guard that will try to stop Nightcrawler from letting in Colossus. Use this time now to teleport all around the main chamber, collecting all the Sentinel tech pieces and the X Weapon file, followed by going back up to the top, dropping down into the outside ring to disable the shields. Immediately rush back to the central area, as Colossus will be unable to defend himself adequately from the enemies. Keep him safe while he destroys the first shield generator, then head back up top to go disable the second generator, repeating the quick escape to go help Colossus again. Repeat the pattern of teleport to the shield controls, disable them, and then go help Colossus as he does his thing for all four shield generators, ending the mission!

Dark Cerebro (Nightcrawler)

The full force of Sentinels will be made clear here, as Nightcrawler will be unable to damage them. Start out by hunting for the Sentinel tech pieces, one on the ground area (also snag the Weapon X file down there at the same time)near a pipe and the remaining four found high in the room on high ledges. Now it is time to take down the Sentinel, so teleport near one of the Seeker Drones, causing it to activate and chase Kurt, at which point he should teleport onto the shoulder of the Sentinel. When the Seeker Drone draws near and begins to explode, teleport away, damaging the Sentinel. Repeat this pattern for each Sentinel until they are all scrap, ending the mission!

Act 2

Fission Plant (Iceman)

Start of by extinguishing each fire with Icebeam attacks, which will prompt a Fire Raptor barrage from Pyro, so use the locked on Hailstorm attacks to stop them from damaging the buildings he targets. While fighting off the Fire Raptors, tale time to quickly tour above the buildings and fly underneath low arches, as the five Sentinel Tech pieces and Weapon X file are hidden in this manner through out the area. After they are all collected, concentrate on putting out the fires that feed Pyro, followed by cracking the Fire Raptors as they fly from the deranged former friend and ally of Bobby. After three sets of Bobby playing fireman, the mission will end!

Coolant Tunnels (Iceman)

Start out by Hailstorming the three Fire Raptors that pass Bobby, followd by weaving through the obstacles and making use of the Frost Shield to get through electrical barriers, eventually reaching a Sentinel tech as Bobby enters a large area. Seal the coolant leaks with the Icebeam (slow down to get it on one pass), as many will be opened by Pyro's attacks, allowing Iceman to advance onwards (raid the corners of the room for a second Sentinel tech piece) through another long tunnel where he will need to dodge obstacles and roast Fire Raptors, remembering to watch out for a Sentinel tech piece behind a rotating portion of the tunnel. In the Freon tube chamber, use the Icebeam on the door to the reactor to keep it cool while using Icebeam to freeze the Freon tube, followed by using Hailstorm to destroy the tube. While performing this deed, seek out the fourth Sentinel Tech piece located underneath a ledge. Once all Freon tubes are destroyed, Bobby has less then two minutes to escape through the tunnel ahead before the bulkheads seal, so fly fast and use the Frost Shield to avoid damage without slowing down, grabbing the final Sentinel Tech piece on the left side of the tunnel near the start of the escape, and the X Weapon file, which is located in between two electrical barriers (use Frost Shield to get it). Continue to fly accurately and safely, and the mission will be a success!Bobby will need to start off by going after the Sentinel Tech pieces and the Weapon X file, so fly to the following areas:

  • North of the Fire Serpent's position on the water.
    • Near the southern cooling tower.
      • Around the building Pyro lit on fire repeatedly in the first battle.
        • Between the road and the building south of the Fire Serpent.
          • Southwest of the cooling tower near the Fire Serpent.
            • Weapon X file is located north of the southern cooling tower.

Note that while the chase is on for these objects listed above, Iceman will need to Hailstorm the Fire Raptors that are being released, as they are intended to blow up the waste collections spread through out the level, which would be very bad. When ready, head for the Fire Serpent, using a slow attack and repeated Lock on switches (assures no Fire Raptors will escape) and Hailstorms, landing blows to the Fire Serpent. Keep on the pressure, landing repeated hits, taking out the beast to end the mission!

Castle Gatehouse (Wolverine)

Immediately fight off all foes, looking for the five Sentinel Tech pieces and the Weapon X file strewn about the two areas of the courtyard, which will be fairly easy to do due to the long length of the fights for Logan. Continue to use the right attacks for each type of enemy, remembering to be wary of the pole wielding enemies, as they can quickly drain Logan of his health if he tries to take them on with ground attacks. Head through the gate when it opens, taking out the Rifle Troopers, followed by moving along the walls to avoid the flame traps that are in the hallway. Next up are three more of the advanced troops, followed by more Rifle Troopers, which are the final opponents on this mission!

Zen Garden (Wolverine)

Take out the Rifle and Bazooka Troopers, followed by grabbing the Sentinel tech hiding in the trees on the left side of the path. Now continue forward, finding the next batch of enemies, which will attack in large waves through the teleporters, so fight smartly and do not get surrounded. In between bouts, bust up the teleport nexus of the enemy, disabling their ability to teleport to this area! Next up for Wolverine is to grab the third Sentinel Tech piece while fighting more foes in the next garden area, taking down all comers to allow him to go after the teleport matrix, which is similar to the teleport nexus, but this one can flare up electrically all by itself (ie without attacks from Wolverine to prompt it). While it is shooting electrical discharge, take down foes to keep Wolverine from serious damage. Be sure to raid the Weapon X file and the fourth Sentinel tech piece from the nearby corners during the fight. Head inside the castle gates, taking out the regular troops en route to the end of the pathway, where the first objective is to snag the final Sentinel Tech piece for this area. The secondary objective will be tangling with the HYDRA Wind Units that attack, making use of counterattacks (much like the fight with Lady Deathstrike) or by using Fury Attack to Quick Attack them to death. Fight defensively when not enraged and the enemy will soon go down, ending the mission!

Brooklyn Bridge (Nightcrawler)

Start off by collecting all five Sentinel tech pieces and the Weapon X file. Teleport to the small ledge above, getting the Sentinel Tech resting on it, followed by going to the central beam to go get the Weapon X File. Now teleport up to the high beam and run along the set of them, getting to the central area for the third Sentinel Tech piece. Now look to the right and teleport to the fourth Sentinel tech piece, followed by returning to the central area to go forward, looking to the left for the fifth and final Sentinel Tech piece. Now Kurt must defeat the Multiple Man clones, so use teleport attacks to get in easy hits, but remember that if they begin to team up on Nightcrawler, teleport upwards to escape the melee attacks (how Multiple Man does the majority of his damage). After wiping out twelve clones, Kurt will now need to go after the bombs and defuse them. Head for each bomb location, clobbering the Multiple Man Clones to leave the bomb open to defusing, then move onto the next Bomb. Fight efficiently and avoid getting ganged up on, and Nightcrawler will be able to save the bridge! If the timer is proving tough to overcome, remember that teleporting stops the bomb clock for a few seconds, so teleport from bomb to bomb to keep as much time as possible on the clock.

Multiple Man (Nightcrawler)

Once again, the first objective is to locate all five Sentinel Tech pieces and the Weapon X file, so spend the first portion of the battle teleporting through out the area, finding all six collectibles. With these beauties in hand, turn Nightcrawler's attention to Multiple Man and his insane ability of cloning himself, delivering constant attacks through teleportation to knock out his clones and to land damage upon the primary Multiple man himself. He will sometimes set a bomb on the ground, so if he does so, draw all the Multiple men away from the bomb, then teleport over to quickly defuse it. To get the best result with the main Multiple man, teleport in to use a heavy Attack, then teleport away before he uses a vicious counterattack. Keep up the pressure and he will go down in defeat, ending the mission! Remember that if Kurt takes a lot of damage, escape to the far side of the arena and teleport up high to perform his Shadow Aura Healing to get him back to full fighting energy.

Warrior's Dojo (Wolverine)

Start out the brawl by circling the area, grabbing the five Sentinel Tech pieces and the Weapon X file, followed by turning Logan towards the mass of enemies that are following him. After clearing a couple of them out, it is time to focus mainly on hammering the force field in the back of the room to bits, so hit it and take off a few moments, then come back once the enemies are not surrounding Logan. Keep up the pattern to bust the force field, allowing Logan to tackle the second challenge, which has 8 waves to enemies to contend with. It is the typical mix of HYDRA soldiers here, but the eighth wave is particularly harsh with no less than 6 Wind soldiers to beat up, so save a Fury Attack round for them, as slicing them up with repeated Quick attacks is the easiest way to beat them, ending the mission!

Lady Deathstrike (Wolverine)

Much like Logan's previous battle with Yuriko, use a system of blocking/dodging and then counterattack while she has her guard down. Hit and run on Yuriko, building the Fur Meter so Wolverine can land a lot of Quick Attacks and use the Heavy Attack late in the meter to maul her on the ground (keep pressing the Heavy Attack button). While this battle rages on, be on the look out for the three Sentinel Tech pieces and the Weapon X file on the outskirts of the room, so walk Wolverine into every nook between display cases (and the inside display cases themselves) to locate them. When Lady Deathstrike has fallen to one third of her full health, she will retreat and send in her goons to shoot at Logan from above, so scale the stairs to take her goons while collecting the two remaining Sentinel Tech pieces. After facing a long onslaught of enemies, lady Deathstrike returns, so utilize the same run and hit tactics, building a Fury meter up to unleash upon her to take her down, ending the mission!

Silver Samurai (Wolverine)

With just the one foe to beat, Wolverine must first gather up the five Sentinel Tech pieces and the Weapon X file scattered through out the area, so search each wing of the fighting grounds, finding at least one of these items in each location. Silver Samurai has great melee attacks, so when he comes in close, dodge out of the way and counterattack briefly before rolling out of the way again, using run and hit as the bread and butter of Logan. When he starts to fire away with long range energy blasts, dodge these and sneak up close to land a few blows. At one time during the fight should Logan avoid combat completely, and that is when the Silver Samurai energizes his sword, as the attacks with it in this manner are just deadly to Wolverine's health. Also, when Samurai loses one-third and two-thirds of his health respectively, he will deploy a set of Wind soldiers, so take them down quickly to continue the fight with the Silver Samurai. Keep using the run and hit tactics to wear down the foe, using the Fury Attacks (Quick Attacks only) to take down the monster and end the mission!

Act 3

Kowloon Highway (Iceman)

Iceman will need to reach the HYDRA building within a time limit (based on difficulty), all the while destroying Sentinels. Lock onto and destroy the first Small Sentinel with Hailstorm attacks, followed by a couple more twists in the path (and another Small to destroy), look for a Sentinel Tech piece on the right side of the open area. Now speed through the next area, looking behind a wrecked automobile in the tunnel for the second Sentinel Tech piece. Upon entering the second open area, look to the left side near the entrance to the next tunnel for the third Sentinel Tech piece, but keep firing on the Small Sentinels en route to the next enclosed area. Iceman will now face a long and twisty tunnel, filled with Small Sentinels to destroy, winding through the tunnel and the debris, emerging into another open area, where a couple more Small Sentinels will attack. After hammering them with hailstorm, grab the Sentinel Tech piece on the left, then enter the next tunnel. Fly down the middle of this area, grabbing the fifth Sentinel tech piece, emerging to race to the HYDRA building (getting the Weapon X file low on the ground). However, three Small Sentinels will grab the Master Mold Inhibitor, so give chase, destroying the two guard Sentinels before hammering the throttle and tailing close to the final Small Sentinel, delivering lethal amount of Hailstorm firepower to destroy it and end the mission!

Downtown Kowloon (Iceman)

Bobby must now destroy all fifteen Small Sentinels in the area, saving the mutant civilians in the area. Fly straight and grab the Weapon X file, turning right to go down the street, turning left to get the first Sentinel Tech piece off the ground (remember to fire upon Small Sentinels when they cross Iceman's path). Fly low under the bridge up this area, grabbing a second Sentinel Tech piece, turning left to follow the right wall in the area, finding a third Sentinel Tech piece in the corner of the area. Now head down the first street Bobby turned down, but take the street on the right, grabbing the fourth Sentinel Tech piece from under another civilian path, moving down the street (away from the starting area) to look on the left for a small alcove that holds the fifth and final Sentinel Tech piece. All that remains at this point is to destroy the remaining Small Sentinels, so hunt them down and end the mission in style… lots of messed up Sentinels!

Giant Sentinel (Iceman)

Destroy the two Giant Sentinels at the very beginning of the area by using locked on Hailstorm attacks to destroy the three energy caps on the front of the Giant Sentinel and then the three energy caps on the back of the Giant Sentinel. After wiping these two foes out, advance slowly, scanning the sides of the area and the top area of the elevated roadway, grabbing the Sentinel Tech pieces and Weapon X file that are strewn about. Keep destroying the foes, reaching the X-Jet to stop all eight Giant Sentinels from reaching the end of the highway, ending the mission!

Augmentation Room (Wolverine)

Wolverine will be forced to fight 100 of his Inner Demons, which are him as he was when he emerged from the testing tank from where he gained his Adamantium claws and structure. Quick Attacks are the best methods for dealing with the enemy, but if they surround Logan, block and then roll out of danger before renewing the attack. While fighting the enemy, look around the border of the room for the Sentinel Tech pieces and right behind the experimental tank where Logan was created as he is today for the Weapon X file. Use the Fury Attacks if Logan has been damaged, using them to wipe out enemies quickly and to recover his health. With the superior stat gains that Wolverine has at this point, he should be able to demolish his opponents easily, ending the mission!

Master Mold Interior (Nightcrawler)

Teleport through the first area, finding a passage to the second area, where Kurt will have to avoid the moving electrical charges (be sure to snag the Sentinel Tech from the end of the first pipe) and fix the two sets of broken wiring. After completing this task, head through to the next area to face a Sentinel Guardian, so teleport through out the area, drawing some Seeker Bots in close before teleporting to the shoulder of the Guardian Sentinel, forcing the Seeker Bots to self-destruct and destroy the abomination. Remember to use Shadow Aura healing if Nightcrawler took damage in the fight. Next for Kurt is a second rewiring job, so work his teleports to get between energy pulses, fixing both relays, making sure to grab the second Sentinel Tech piece from behind the broken wiring before advancing to the next section of Master Mold. Here Kurt must use Jump teleports to cross the pipes, reaching the far ledge, where he can disable the first Power Node (draw a Seeker Bot in close to do the damage) and grab the third Sentinel Tech piece off the lower rail. Head off the opposite side of the platform, following Jason Stryker across the large gaps (grab the Weapon X file off the high tube while en route) to land on a ledge with a Guardian Sentinel, but ignore it as you dodge the attacks it uses, instead drawing a Seeker Drone close to the second Power Node to disable it. Head back a bit to get the fourth Sentinel tech piece that lies out on the edge of the platform, followed by moving off the big platform via the piping to use the poles to climb upwards, taking the pipes above to the next platform. Quickly grab the attention of another Seeker Drone, pulling it close to the third Power Node, destroying it to open the way forward to end the mission!

Master Mold Reactor (Iceman)

Bobby will need to be fast as he can be here, especially when on the Superhero difficulty. Boost as much as possible, sending waves of Hailstorm out to destroy the Small Sentinels that will hound him en route to the Master Mold Core. Maneuver carefully through the tunnels, passing through four laser grids and the Sentinel Mines before watching out for the first Sentinel Tech piece at the bottom of the tunnel. Continue through the tunnels and their obstacles, locating a wider area with more Sentinel Mines circling around, which is where Bobby must fly through the center to locate the second Sentinel Tech piece. Remember that the Frost Shield can get Bobby through the laser grids easier, which will be helpful while Iceman counts off ten laser grids, indicating that the third Sentinel Tech piece from the large room with circling mines (again fly through the middle of the area). Continue to dodge and shield Bobby through out the run, raiding the next circular room for the fourth Sentinel Tech piece, followed by a quick trip forward into the regulator Room. Once inside Bobby should grab the remaining Sentinel Tech piece and the lone Weapon X file from the bottom of the chamber, followed by locking onto the Regulator Nodes and destroying them with hailstorm fire, followed by escaping out the door to end the mission! Be careful of the roving energy and Sentinel Mines though, they can wipe Bobby out in an awful hurry!

Telepurgatory (Nightcrawler)

Kurt will need to collect the five Sentinel Tech pieces and the Weapon X file on the run, but luckily they are in wide open spaces, making them easy to find while moving. In this level Kurt will need to bust the Crystal Shield to expose a Memory Bank, but before he can tinker with it he will first have to bust the Guardian Crystals that are scattered through out the area. This pattern will need to be done for all three memory banks, with the following Guardian Crystals to smash on each round:

  • Round One: Two
  • Round Two: Four
  • Round Three: Seven

While the smashing of the Guardian Crystals is occurring, take out the Demons that spawn as soon as possible, as they will be unable to interfere with Kurt if they are defeated. Also, if Kurt has taken serious damage, find a secluded spot when no Demons are appearing, and make use of the Shadow Aura healing to get Nightcrawler back into perfect health. Destroy all three Memory Banks to sever Jason Stryker's connection to Master Mold to end the mission!

Sabretooth (Wolverine)

This is it… the final showdown in the game, between old enemies with a long standing beef. Wolverine will begin the bout by running around the platform, grabbing the two Sentinel Tech pieces from the outside border, followed by turning to Sabretooth. Two main strategies should be deployed to take down Sabretooth, which are to use run and hit tactics (roll out of the way and attack after Sabretooth does, as he is open to attack), or a more aggressive jump and heavy Attack set, followed by two Quick Attacks (if the jump attack worked), and then roll or jump away.

After Sabretooth is knocked down one ledge, a decision must be made to heal (which will also allow Sabretooth to heal) before hopping down, or leap right into the fray (Logan will go in without healing). On the second area of the level, look for the final three Sentinel Tech pieces and the Weapon X file before turning towards Sabretooth. Continue to use the same tactics, though when he enters his Fury Attacks, avoid him to let it die down. However, once Sabretooth reaches his end of his life meter, he will constantly be in a Fury Attack Mode, so get Wolverine into the same state and use constant attacks to overpower Sabretooth, ending the battle, the mission, and the game!


  • Wolverine Street Clothes - Collect all Weapon X files in Wolverine levels
  • Wolverine Comic Costume - Collect all Sentinel Tech pieces in Wolverine levels
  • Iceman Street Clothes - Collect all Weapon X files in Iceman levels
  • Iceman Comic Costume - Collect all Sentinel Tech pieces in Iceman levels
  • Nightcrawler Street Clothes - Collect all Weapon X files in Nightcrawler levels
  • Nightcrawler Comic Costume - Collect all Sentinel Tech pieces in Nightcrawler levels
  • Iceman's Danger Room Scenario - Complete Act 1 of the Story Mode
  • Wolverine's Danger Room Scenario - Complete Act 2 of the Story Mode
  • Nightcrawler's Danger Room Scenario - Complete Act 3 of the Story Mode
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