X-Men Comics are comic books based on the real-life adventures of the X-Men published by X-Men Comics Group.


At some point after the fight with Apocalypse in the altered timeline, the adventures of the X-Men became public and were adapted very loosely into comic books. The mutant heroes were idolized and merchandised, by the very humans that had hated them for so many years. The series ran for over 200 issues and featured the X-Men in bright colorful costumes. Storm, Rogue, Professor X, Colossus, Cyclops and Wolverine are among those who were featured.

X-23 was a fan having collected multiple issues. Wolverine, however, was not a fan of the comics as he found the comics completely inaccurate and too embellishing on the truth. He said that in the real world there were consequences and people died, unlike the happy endings of the comics.

One of the comics featured the X-Men finding a mutant safe haven called "Eden," containing the coordinates to a certain location in North Dakota. These coordinates were used in the real world as a safe place for the mutant children that escaped Transigen to meet up.

Laura and the nurse that saved her were on their way to the Eden; first, they sought the help of Wolverine who refused, wanting to be left alone. Professor X. And a confrontation with The Reavers led to Wolverine deciding to help Laura. Logan eventually found that the location was from a comic book and was immediately angry and skeptical. After the death of Professor X. Laura managed to convince Logan to take her there anyway. The pair eventually makes it the coordinates and Logan sees that the Eden is real, a small mutant camp run by Rictor. Later Logan talks to Bobby, one of the mutant Transigen-Alkali children who talks to him about the X-Men adventures.



  • Due to 20th Century Fox not owning the rights to the actual X-Men comics, they had to create their own as props for Logan. They could also not use the title "Marvel", which is why the title is called "X-Men Comics Group".[1]


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