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[[Category:X-Men 2: The Movie Prequel Vol 1]]
[[Category:X-Men 2: The Movie Prequel Vol 1]]
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Supporting Characters



As he left the X-Men after the first movie to go to Alkali Lake, He stops to fill Cyclops' motocycle and finds that Sabretooth has been following him. They fight and Logan finds that he has the same dog tags as him. The two go for drinks and start having a conversation. HYDRA comes in with the orders from Stryker and aim at Sabretooth. The two fight the men with great teamwork not knowing they are brothers still and are brought down. The two wake up in a helecopter and Sabretooth throws Wolverine off sacrificing himself. Stryker finds out that the adamantim bonding did not work with him and are ordered to shot him with adamantium bullets and is believed to be dead.


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