The Yashida Mansion was the private estate of the family operating the Yashida Corporation.


The Yashida Mansion was built by Ichirō Yashida after he molded his company into one of Asia's largest companies by rebuilding Japan's economic sector during the post-War era.

The Wolverine

After Ichirō Yashida realised he was dying, he ordered his granddaughter Yukio to scour the world and succeeded in bringing Logan to his mansion, in order to personally thank him for saving his life during the atomic bombing on Nagasaki during World War II.

Upon his arrival to the mansion, Logan meets Yashida but declines his offer to relinquish his healing abilities and end his suffering. Yashida later dies at the mansion and Yukio is concerned that she was not able to predict it with her abilities.

Mariko is later captured by the Yakuza under employ of her father Shingen and taken back to the mansion, where he attempts to kill her before her father's will can be read. The Black Clan interrupt the proceedings and prevent him from doing so, and Viper poisons him. When Logan and Yukio arrive at the mansion, Mariko and the Black Clan have left, but Shingen remains and enraged, he attacks Logan.

Logan kills Shingen and discovers where the Black Clan have taken Mariko, heading with Yukio to intercept them at Yashida's laboratory in the north of Japan.

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